Lashley sees more than he expected

West Point, Mississippi offensive lineman Scott Lashley and his mom made the drive to Atlanta Monday to visit Georgia Tech. Scott and his mom left campus impressed with everything about Tech.

Profile - Scott Lashley

The visit was an eye opening experience for Lashley. “It was much more than I thought it would be.” Scott’s mom came prepared taking notes throughout the visit. “She will be a big part of the decision making.”

Coach Paul Johnson was out of town so Scott met with offensive line coach Mike Sewak. “He said he really liked me. He said he could see me playing guard or tackle.”

Scott was impressed with the stadium and the facilities. The academics also stood out to Scott and his mom. “With Tech being in Atlanta and playing as well as they are combined with the academics, I can’t believe that more major recruits don’t take advantage of what Georgia Tech can offer.”

The trip to Tech was not what Scott was expecting. “It shows I need to take my time and not hurry into a decision.” Scott plans to use the drive home to talk with his mom about the trip to Tech.

Lashley didn’t receive an offer on the visit but he did get Coach Johnson’s number. “I feel that when I call him the offer will come. Coach Sewak seemed very upbeat about that.”

A return visit to Tech will take place during the season. “I’d like to see Justin Thomas in action. He was the one that got me together with Tech.” The two met at a convention and the conversation led to his visit Monday.

Scott still plans to make his decision following his senior season. “I’ll review all the schools with my mom to see which school is the best fit.” Scott won’t rule out deciding earlier if he finds the school that is best for him.

Academics, the possibility of earning early playing time, and finding a school that both he and his mom like will enter into Scott’s decision. Top Stories