Braun sees 2 new schools enter the picture

Offensive lineman Parker Braun and his family recently moved from Kissimmee, Florida to Hallsville, Texas. The move has seen a few in-state schools getting involved with his recruitment.

Profile - Parker Braun

Parker is adjusting well to the move. “I’m excited to start my senior year and start thinking about the college I want to attend.”

Rice and the University of Texas are two new schools that are showing interest in Parker since he moved to Texas. “I might be visiting Texas but I’m not sure.”

Georgia Tech and Duke are two schools that Parker is seriously considering. I really like both schools.” Parker’s brother is Georgia Tech’s starting left guard Trey Braun. Trey has told his brother about the great things at Tech and he will be living in Atlanta. “I like the staffs at both schools and what they have to offer.”

While he likes both Tech and Duke, Parker is not ready to name them as his final two. “I don’t want to rule out any school before they get a chance to recruit me.” Rice and Texas would be two of those schools.

Parker has built a strong relationship with Georgia Tech Coach Mike Sewak and he recently talked with him. “He wants me to be a big part of the 2016 offensive line recruiting class.” Coach Sewak has extended Parker has an open invitation to visit Tech.

With his move to Texas, visits to both Tech and Duke will become more difficult. “It could be possible that I make official visits to the two schools to get to see everything I need to see in one visit."

Braun is taking a close look at the academics at both Tech and Duke. “I know Tech has an engineering school but you can get a liberal arts degree through the Ivan Allen School.” Parker is also looking at the business school at Tech. “Duke is more of a Liberal Arts school and that makes it interesting for me in making my decision."

Parker would like to make his college decision as soon as he can but he wants to make sure that he makes the right decision. “I'd rather wait and make the right decision than make a quick decision and then maybe have to change my mind.” Top Stories