Coach O'Leary spoke about playing Navy at Annapolis this Saturday. Big Bee knows the importance of keeping the Yellow Jackets focused and not only getting a victory, but coming back injury free as well. Check out the press conference excerpts and tell us on the message boards what you think.


George O'Leary - Georgia Tech

"Anytime you play in Annapolis, it's a different type of situation. I think it will be a good experience for our team to play on the road again in a tough environment. It's a good environment for them and a tough environment for us.

"They've changed somewhat. They're still running some option, but they're throwing it more. They're really spreading things out with five wides and four wides but still running their good option game. Defensively, it comes down to responsibilities and assignments.

"Offensively they've changed from they've done in the past. They're still running option and running it very well, but right now they're putting a lot more pressure on you in the passing game with quick passes and gadget plays. You've got to be very responsible in what you're doing. Any time you run option, it's great equalizer, and so is the quick passing game. You miss a tackle and a five-yard pass becomes a 20-yard gain.

"I'm very concerned about this game because of the type of offense we're facing. We have to tackle extremely well. Short-yardage becomes very big in this game as far as getting off the field. They're basically not huddling, so it's going to be a lot of plays. It's similar to Clemson with no huddle and quick tempo.

"The problem with the option is that you can never duplicate the speed. We keep yelling at the scout teamers to run faster, but they can't; if they could, they'd be on the other field. So we work against ourselves a lot.

"Defensively, Rick Lantz has been around a long time and he does a good job with the defense. He's played us before, so it's not like he hasn't seen what we do.

"Overall, our running game is probably better than it was last year as far. We're doing more and more each week as far as attacking the whole field in the run game just like we do in the pass game.

"We had the opportunity to play 70 players [against the Citadel]. Some of those second and third teamers want to play, but they found out Monday when they watched the tape why they are second and third teamers. There's a big difference between doing something almost right and doing it exactly right. All that affects timing and that's the difference between wins and losses. Football is a game where 11 guys have to do everything right to be successful. There's a lot of things to be learned from that game.

On backup QB Andy Hall: "I wanted to see how Andy Hall has progressed. Andy had 45 plays, which is a lot, but I wanted to see him under the gun. It was a good film for him to get better. The more experience he gets, the better he will be. I was trying to get him some confidence, and you could see Monday night that he felt a little more confident and understood a little better what is going on.

On George Godsey's improvement: "I think it's his overall confidence. Last year he wasn't very confident early on, but he gained more confidence as he had some success. What I see now is that he knows exactly what every guy on the field is supposed to be doing. Some quarterbacks know what the receiver is supposed to be doing but have no idea about protection and who that tackle is supposed to be blocking. George knows what every body is supposed to be doing on that field. He knows where to throw it and he knows where the weakness of the defense is. He's a lot more confident in his ability to assess what we need to do to get a good play and win.

On DE Greg Gathers "He has great flexibility. I don't think Greg is ever going to win a 40-yard dash, but he has great quickness. The other thing he has is good hand strength. Greg is a smart football player. He picks up things very well, and football is very important to him. Greg can play the run as well as the pass." Top Stories