Dolphus planning on October decision

Westside Macon, GA receiver Steve Dolphus was instrumental in helping his team beat an undefeated West Laurens squad last Friday. Steve’s recruitment is also heating up. He is about to take a closer look at three schools.

Profile - Steve Dolphus

Dolphus has not received any new offers but he is receiving strong interest from his final three schools. “It really feels good that these schools want me at their school.”

Georgia Tech Central Florida, and Mississippi State are the three schools at the top of Steve’s list. “Other schools haven’t done as much as these three.”

Their strong interest in him is important to Steve and that has put those schools at the top of his list. All three of the schools have talked to Steve about visiting on game day. “I’m looking at dates to see when I can visit Central Florida and Mississippi State because of the distance involved.”

Georgia Tech Coach Ray Rychleski has let Steve know he is welcome at any game. “I will be visiting them a couple of times. I just have to see which dates are best.”

Steve is still looking at the possibility of playing college ball with his brother. “I’d love for that to happen but I’m okay if it doesn’t happen.” If one of the three schools doesn’t have room for his brother, Steve will not eliminate that school.

There is one scenario that Steve hopes doesn’t take place in their recruitment. “I don’t want schools to make room for my brother just to get me to commit to that school. That wouldn’t be fair to my brother, me, or the school.” Steve is looking for the schools to be open and honest with him.

Location and the coaching staffs will be two of the factors Steve will be looking at in making his decision. Steve will also be looking at each school’s offense. Will Tech’s offensive style hurt them with Dolphus?

“Georgia Tech has placed receivers in the NFL and that tells me if I work hard I can put up numbers in any offense.”

A decision may be coming soon for Dolphus. “I don’t have an exact date but it will be sometime next month.” This will come after a few visits and sitting down with his family to decide which school is best for him. Top Stories