Braun affirms his decision on official visit

Hallsville, Texas offensive lineman Parker Braun took the next step to continue the Braun legacy at Georgia Tech. Parker took his official visit this past weekend and he’s now one step closer to following in brother Trey’s footsteps.

Profile - Parker Braun

Parker was hosted on the visit by fellow offensive lineman Trey Klock. "I got a chance to spend a lot of time with some of the younger members of the offensive line.” Parker also spent some time with his brother. Parker was happy that he was able to take the visit while his brother was still in school. “I got to attend the players’ banquet. I feel that was an honor to be able to attend.”

In addition to spending time with Klock, Parker also hung out with fellow offensive linemen Jake Stickler, Jake Whitley, and Will Bryan. “We all had a blast hanging out together." The group told Parker to arrive at Tech in the best shape possible. “They told me that Coach (John) Sisk was going to put me through some tough strength and conditioning workouts.” They also told Parker to come in hungry to have a winning season.

The Tech coaches let Parker know that he was a big part of the recruiting class. “They want me to be ready to play as a freshman.” Parker hasn’t been told which of the offensive line positions he’ll be playing. His position will be determined after the Tech staff watches Parker practice.

Prior to the visit, there wasn’t much doubt that Parker would be a Jacket. The official visit cemented his commitment. “My brother made a great choice in coming to Tech and I too have made a great choice.” It wasn’t planned that the brothers would take the same path but both found Tech to be a good fit.

Parker has no plans to wear his brother’s number 78. Parker wore number 51 in high school because it was the only jersey that fit him. “I'm sure I won't have that problem at Tech”, said a laughing Parker. “If I get 78 then so be it." Top Stories