Byrd still working on who to visit

The senior season for Savannah, Georgia athlete Arkeem Byrd led to new offers and increased interest in his recruitment. With only three visit weeks left until signing day, Byrd is making decisions on who to visit.

Profile - Arkeem Byrd

Arkeem is enjoying his free time now that his season is over. The dead period in recruiting has also given Arkeem some time away from the phone calls. “I do realize that come January 13th that will change.

Schools will be gearing up to close out their 2016 classes." The dead period hasn’t stopped Arkeem from receiving offers. The latest is from Louisville. "Running backs Coach (Kolby) Smith called and offered me a scholarship.” Louisville likes the versatile Byrd at running back. “He said that I would fit into their offensive scheme perfectly."

Despite the new interest in his recruitment, Byrd still plans to send in his LOI on signing day. Arkeem will choose from four schools for his final three visits. "We have already set up the plans to visit Tennessee on the weekend of the 15th. Now I have to decide on the final two visits from three schools."

Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and Louisville are the three schools that could get visits. “This is going to be tough. I like all three.” The recent offer from Louisville moved them into the group for possible visits.

How will Byrd decide on which two schools to visit? "Basically it will come down to which school has shown that they really want me, has stayed in contact with me, and which school has a plan for me.”

Arkeem is looking to find out where he will stand as an incoming freshman. “I want to know that if I work hard and practice well that I can earn playing time. Arkeem is looking for a coaching staff that will play freshmen if they prove that they belong on the field.

While Louisville is recruiting him as a running back, defensive back is another option for Byrd. Georgia Tech is looking at him as defensive back. Arkeem doesn’t have a preference for which position he plays. "I'll play the position that the coaches think will get me on the field. That is my goal.” Top Stories