Adams pleased with answers at Tech

Brentwood, Tennessee defensive tackle Brandon Adams will be looking at two schools when making his college choice. This past weekend, Adams took an official visit to one of those schools.

Profile - Brandon Adams

The visit to Georgia Tech was the first time that Brandon had been on their campus. “It was a great time. I was surprised by the campus.” Brandon toured the campus and facilities. “Their facilities are some of the best that I’ve seen.”

Adams enjoyed hanging out with the players and recruits. Recruit Romeo Finley was one of the recruits that spent time with Brandon. “We really hit it off. We exchanged numbers to keep in touch with one another."

Tech linebacker PJ Davis hosted Adams on his visit. “He talked to me about the coaches and told me that what I’d see on the visit is what I’d see if I came to Tech.” Davis let Adams know that coming to Tech was the best thing that could have happened to him. Brandon also spend time with Pat Gamble, Clinton Lynch, and John Marvin. “They echoed what PJ said and Gamble told me that Coach (Mike) Pelton is a great teacher.”

Coach Pelton let Brandon know what they had planned for him. Brandon and his parents had questions for Coach Pelton and they were pleased with his answers. “They were reassured that I would be in good hands at all times if I came to Tech. That was a selling point for my parents."

Coach Paul Johnson asked Brandon to look at all Tech has to offer in order to achieve his dream of going to med school. “He showed me that there are many ways to get what I want and he also told me of their partnership with Emory.” Brandon’s talk with Coach Johnson answered all his academic questions.

Next weekend, Brandon will take his official visit to Vanderbilt. Following his visit, Adams will start the decision making process. "I will sit down with my parents after I visit Vanderbilt and talk over the pros and cons of each school.” Brandon will be looking for the school that gives him the best chance to succeed on and off the field. “My parents will have some input but they know the decision is mine to make.” Top Stories