Today will go down in American history as the worst day of despair our country has ever seen. The affects of America Under Attack will be far reaching and forever change how we view our freedom. Georgia Tech Head Coach George O'Leary spoke about the tragedy at his weekly press conference. He talked about the impact that it is having on him both personally, as well as professionally. Below are excerpts from the press conference today.


Question: Coach, tell us how much attention have you been able to focus on this morning's tragedy?

Coach O'Leary: "Well, I have been in meeting since 6 o'clock this morning. Then my secretary came and told me what was going on about 10 o'clock and that the school was closing. My concern is that I have cousins and a brother that work in that area. Hopefully they are alright."

Question: Will this be a distraction from practice today?

Coach O'Leary: "I thought we had a real lively practice on yesterday, especially for a Monday. I like the way our kids have handled the season so far, plus it's Florida State and we're real anxious to go down there and play them so it shouldn't be a problem. It should be a great football game and again it's our first conference game. That's how I look at it, we won't do anything different this week except get ready to play our next opponent."

Question: Do you buy into this whole theory that the media has started about teams in the ACC threating to take Florida State's crown? First it was Virginia, then NC State and North Carolina, now it's Georgia Tech. 

Coach O'Leary: "I'm not sure the media is wrong, some teams have been threats. I do see more consistency in the ACC, I think when it comes to playing Florida State a lot of teams are getting beat more from a mental standpoint than a physical one. When you play Florida State you have to obviously have athletes or you can't match up. But mentally it's about how your kids handle a setback during the game in front of a hostile crowd. We work on that all the time because that's what's going to take you to a win."

Question: Are you concerned that the game may not be played this weekend because of today?

Coach O'Leary: "I really don't know. Dave Braine (Athletic Director) asked me about that earlier. I just think it's unbelievable something like this could happen."

Question: Have you tried to contact any of your family members in New York?

Coach O'Leary: "I tried, and my brother's not answering."

Question: Are your family members in Manhattan?

Coach O'Leary: "I have a lot of cousins who are firemen in Manhattan and I heard some firemen got trapped in the building when it collapsed. So I'm just waiting to see if everybody is alright."

Question: Are you concerned about George Godsey taking a lot of hits on saturday?

Coach O'Leary: " Not really, if you go back and look at the film from last year he really took a lot of hits. We didn't play well at all in the first half and that's probably what cost us the ballgame. George will be ready to play, he understands he is the quarterback and we're playing against a great defense." Top Stories