Roberts Looking For Balance

Berry Tech (Charlotte) junior receiver Michael Roberts made the first of several planned visits last weekend. Roberts and his mom traveled to Atlanta for Georgia Tech’s Junior Day.

Profile - Michael Roberts

Roberts gave the trip a ten. “It was amazing to be honest.” Roberts knows it’s hard for anything to be perfect but felt the visit came close to being perfect.

The Tech coaching staff and the balance of academics and athletics caught the attention of Michael and his mom. Coach Paul Johnson talked to them about how he makes sure his players get their degree as well as the value of the degree. “He’s a great guy.”

Roberts also talked to Coach Bryan Cook. Coach Cook asked Roberts for his transcripts and he invited Michael back for spring practices and the spring game. “I think I’ll come back for the spring game.” Roberts was also invited to the summer camp and he is thinking about attending. The coaches talked to Roberts about what they expect out of their receivers and with Roberts size, the 6’4”-205 Roberts is a good fit for the GT staff.

The next stop for Roberts will be Raleigh and NC State for a visit to their Junior Day in two weeks. “After that, we’ll see what turns up.” Michael recently sent out his film and is starting to hear from other schools. Wake Forest, North Carolina, Columbia, Princeton and Cal are some of the schools that have contacted Roberts. “My grades have gotten me looks from the Ivy League schools and the higher ranked FBS schools like Georgia Tech.”

As he found on his visit to Tech, Roberts will be looking for the school that has the best balance of academics and football. Michael will also be looking to see how he gets along with the players, coaches, and students.

A decision from Roberts could come whenever he feels he finds the right school. “I’ll be honest, if a school like Georgia Tech offers this summer, I would probably commit. We really liked it in Atlanta and we have family there. My mom would feel at ease with me being there.” Top Stories