Pressley Harvin chose Georgia Tech because he felt it was the best school around.

Sumter, South Carolina punter Pressley Harvin attended his first Junior Day and was offered on the visit.  The nation's number one punter then decided he knew which school he wanted to attend.

Profile - Pressley Harvin

Harvin called Georgia Tech Sunday and gave them his verbal commit. "It was a relief to know I’m going to the best school around and I’m going to be on the football team."

There were many factors that went into his decision. On his Junior Day visit to Tech, it felt like home. “The coaches, players, and academic people all made me feel like I was at my house. They showed me a lot of love and I just felt real comfortable.” Pressley also felt comfortable knowing that the tutoring program would help him with the academic side of things. “I want that challenge academically.” When he added it all up, Pressley knew that Tech was where he needed to be.

Pressley will continue to take calls from other schools because a lot could happen between now and February. “I do know that any school calling will have to beat my relationship with Coach (Mike) Sewak and the other coaches at Tech.” The other schools will also have to beat the combination of athletics and academics that Tech offers. “I just know I have found the school that fits me the best in Georgia Tech. A school will have to prove that they can beat Tech and I don't think they can."

Harvin started his career as a punter in the 7th grade. “We didn’t have a punter and I told the coach that I could punt.” His first punt went so far that it shocked both Pressley and everyone else. Pressley also played center on the team.

As his career proceeded, Harvin was called up to the varsity in the 9th grade. He continued to punt and play other positions. "My coach stuck with me and made me come up. I didn't think I was ready.” From there, Pressley began attending punting camps and made a name for himself as the number one punter.

Throwing the shot and discus has helped Harvin’s leg flexibility which is important for a punter. Pressley also does power reps with weights. “I’m not a big weight guy that goes for the heaviest weights possible. I want strength but I also want to maintain my flexibility.” Pressley has more than proved that the combination has made him an elite punter. Top Stories