Markquese Bell added a new offer from Georgia Tech

Bridgeton, New Jersey recruit Markquese Bell continues to add to an impressive offer list. Schools are recruiting Bell on both sides of the ball. One of his most recent offers comes from a school that likes him at defensive back.

Profile - Markquese Bell

Bell recently called Georgia Tech and was told that he had an offer. Coach Ted Roof and his staff had watched film on Markquese and liked what they saw. At 6’2”-200, the Tech coaches feel his size is ideal. “With New Jersey receiver Ricky Jeune already at Tech, I would have someone to relate to if I committed to Georgia Tech.”

The Tech staff invited Bell to visit this spring. "They want to show me how they can make me a big part of the team.” Markquese likes that Coach Paul Johnson is not averse to changing his position if it will get him on the field sooner. “That is something that I like a lot. I don't care what position I play, I just want to get on the field and make a contribution to the team."

The offer from Tech has Bell closing in on 20 offers. In addition to a possible visit to Tech, Bell has several other schools that he’d like to visit. "Right now I'd love to be able to go to Michigan, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Boston College, and North Carolina." In-state school Rutgers is the one school that Markquese feels is recruiting him the hardest at this time.

For the most part, the schools recruiting Markquese like him as an athlete. “They don’t want to lock me into one position I guess.”

Bell doesn’t plan to trim his list of schools until after his spring practices or early summer. Markquese would also like to make his college choice shortly after he trims his list. “I feel right before the season is the perfect time to pick a school.”

Markquese lives with his grandmother and he would like her to feel comfortable with his choice. “She wants me to be happy, get a good education, and have fun playing football at the same time.” Markquese plans to major in sports management or sports therapy. “A school that could get me into these fields would have a leg up on the other schools.” Distance may be a factor in his decision, but Bell feels that if the schools has everything he wants, that will override the distance factor. Top Stories