Josh Okogie will wait to talk to the new coach at Georgia Tech prior to making a decision

Shiloh combo guard Josh Okogie committed to Georgia Tech last October and then signed his letter of intent in November. Friday, Josh became aware of the coaching change at Tech. We talked to Josh about his plans moving forward.

Josh had heard the rumors of a possible change but when the news came it was still a shock to him. “I’m disappointed but at the same time I’m excited to see who the new coach will be at Tech.”

The coaching staff and the comfortable feeling Josh got when he was at Tech were the two main reasons for his decision to attend Tech. He also liked the plan the staff had for him. Josh still feels that Tech would be a good place for him to be. “It will provide me with a great education and it’s close to home. I’m still processing the news though and don't know what to say just yet about the situation."

Okogie has yet to talk to his two fellow signees about the news. He feels it’s a bit too soon to discuss the matter. Josh plans to call them next week. “We were excited about the step the team took this year and with the three of us coming in next year along with two grad transfers, we felt we would have a great foundation to continue building the program.”

For now, Josh will wait to see who Tech hires as their new coach. He plans to visit campus and meet the new staff once they are hired. “If we hit it off, I’m sure I will stay but if we don't, I may ask for my release. I'm just now sure of that as of today."

It’s getting late in the recruiting cycle and this has brought about Josh’s uncertainty. He doesn’t want to sign with just any school. If it isn’t Georgia Tech, the school he chooses will have to be one he really likes. One school has contacted Okogie since the Gregory dismissal. "Kansas State called me and asked what I was going to do. I told them I had no clue. I was just now getting over the shock of Coach Gregory’s release."

In the interim, Josh has been in touch with Tech. "They told me the new coach will be one that I will like and not to worry about the situation.” Tech also asked Josh to give the new coach a chance to show him what his pans were for him and his fellow signees. “I told them I would give the coach just as much chance as I did Coach Gregory.”

Josh feels a new coach will be hired by the end of the week or the following week. “I should know about my decision not long after that.” Top Stories