Rodney Owens, Jr has made the most of his

Nashville, Tennessee defensive back Rodney Owens Jr. is one recruit that has made the most of the spring. Rodney has picked up 11 offers and more could be on the way once his high school team starts their spring practice.

At the end of his junior season, Rodney didn’t have any offers. Six of his recent offers have come from P5 conferences. The other five have come from mid-major schools. “I’m thankful for each offer no matter what school offers. It is a great feeling when you receive an offer no matter what school it is."

The latest offer for Owens comes from Georgia Tech. Owens likes the combination of academics and football that Tech offers. He also likes the fact that Tech is close to home. “I was glad when Coach (Andy) McCollum, my recruiting coach, extended the offer to me."

Tech has been watching Owens for some time now and liked what they saw from Owens on the field and in the classroom. “Coach McCollum wants me to come down for a visit to meet the coaches and see more of the school.” Tech feels that Rodney could fit the role of a hybrid safety, nickel, outside linebacker that many colleges are using. “I play that role for my high school.”

Owens feels that Memphis is the one school that is showing him the most interest. They have been mailing Rodney recruiting info and talking to him a lot. “I feel Georgia Tech and maybe Vanderbilt will step
up their recruitment."

Rodney’s parents are playing an active role in his recruitment by keeping an eye on the academic side of things. With each offer, they pick out pick out the positives and negatives of the school from an academic viewpoint. “When I got offers from Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt, the academics was the first thing they mentioned to me.” Rodney’s parents want the best for him academically but they will support his decision no matter what school he chooses.

A timetable for making his college choice is not set in stone for Owens. He feels the ideal time would be by the end of the summer. Owens hopes to major in engineering or a major that is math or science based. He will also be looking for a program that has good team chemistry. “I’m also looking for a school where I feel really comfortable while I’m there.” Top Stories