Demetris Harris recently visited Georgia Tech and loved the campus

Jacksonville, Florida offensive lineman Demetris Harris is nearing the start of his senior season as well as making his college choice. This past week Harris began taking a few visits that will determine his college choice.

Sunday Demetris was in Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Harris made the trip with his parents and younger brother. The Tech campus got Harris’ attention. "I tweeted that it is one of the most beautiful campus I've seen thus far.” Harris met with Coach Lamar Owens and Coach Ron West. “They treated me great and made me feel at home. Everyone with me loved the visit as much as I did."

The Tech coaches let Harris know that they wanted him to be a part of the select group of offensive linemen that they’ve been recruiting from day one. “I could tell that they are sincere about wanting me there.” Demetris wants to be a business major and the coaches showed him the business school and introduced him to some of the people in that department. “I could tell that they take pride in the football program as well as the school."

Demetris was surprised by what he saw of the campus. “It was nothing like I thought it would be.” The football facilities, the modern buildings, and the rec center all stood out to Demetris. Having the campus in the city of Atlanta was a plus for Harris. “Being a city person from Jacksonville, that was a big thing for me, a real big thing."

Harris spent time with fellow offensive line recruit Zach Quinney on the visit. "We hit it off and we both liked what we saw at Tech. I know Connor Hansen has talked to us both as he wants us there with him."

A few more visits are planned before Demetris makes his decision. "I’ve had a plan and I’m sticking to it. I have three more visits to make and then I will get with my family and talk over everything and sort things out." Harris will visit South Florida on the 21st, Central Florida on the 22nd and Florida on the 23rd.

A definite date has not been set for his decision, but Demetris knows it will be before the start of his senior season. The main factor in making his decision will be academics. "Georgia Tech and Wake
Forest are top academic schools. South Florida and Central Florida are also good schools if you apply yourself to get a good degree.” Distance from home will also be a factor. None of the schools on his list are too far away. Demetris will also be looking for a coaching staff that he can relate to and one that will push him to excel. “I want to be able to come in and if I show that I can make an impact, the coaches will not be afraid to put me on the field. I know some of the schools I’m looking at have proven they will do this.”

There is one final thing that stands out to Harris in his recruitment. "I like the schools that have players from the Jacksonville area. They may not have gone to the same high school as me but they call Jacksonville home. They are guys I can relate to easily." Top Stories