Malik Willis is considering his options

Roswell, Georgia athlete and Virginia Tech commit Malik Willis added another option to his recruitment last Sunday. Willis made the short trip to Atlanta to attend the Georgia Tech camp. Malik’s performance earned him an offer.

Tech Coach Paul Johnson liked what he saw from Willis and he extended an offer. The two talked during the break between the afternoon and evening portions of the camp. Most of the conversation was about how well Malik was doing in the camp. "He said I had some good zip on my passes and that my footwork was what he was looking for in a quarterback.”

Tech plans to take only one quarterback in the 2017 class and Coach Johnson let Malik know that he hoped it would be him. The two also talked about the school and the value of a Tech degree. “I want to major in some form of engineering or accounting and he said a degree from any of those areas would carry me well after my football days.”

Johnson and Willis also talked about how to move forward if Malik was interested in Tech. "He told me that if I wanted to come to Georgia Tech that I needed to call Coach (Justin) Fuentes and let them know I am considering Georgia Tech and that I’m opening my recruitment back up."

Malik will be discussing this with his parents. They will give Malik their input but they’ve let him know that this is his decision. Malik’s parents know that he will make the right decision. "I loved what I saw at Georgia Tech from the coaches. I’m graduating early from high school so I will have to have an idea by at least December.”

Coach Johnson agreed with Malik when he told him he wanted to think about it. "He said this was the most important thing I have to decide on at this point in my life. He told me to think it over hard and make sure no matter what I decide that I feel it’s best for me.” Malik felt good that this was how Coach Johnson felt. “It really makes me feel better knowing he isn't going to push me into a decision."

Willis was also glad that he had the chance to see more of the campus. "I've been to Georgia Tech a few times but I never realized how big the campus is or how much green space it has.” Malik also likes that he would always have something to do being so close to the city. “If you don't, your dorm and the campus has everything you need.” The rec center, the players’ lounge, and the weight room were a few of the other things that stood out to Malik.

Georgia Tech center Freddie Burden also spent some time with Malik. Burden talked to Malik about graduating early and getting into the master’s program. "That amazes me that a football player can get an early undergrad degree and get into the master's program at a school like Georgia Tech. It shows me it can be done with hard work."

Where will Malik play at the next level? Virginia Tech is recruiting Malik as an athlete. They will give him a chance to play quarterback, receiver or defensive back. Georgia Tech is giving Malik a shot to be the one quarterback in the 2017 class. Malik will be discussing these options with his parents. “I’ll have two different opportunities and one that could be a real good one." 

Willis plans to return to Georgia Tech for their September 22nd game with Clemson.

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