Mike Minihan was impressed by his visit to Georgia Tech

Honolulu, Hawaii offensive lineman Michael (Mikey) Minihan made the long trip east this week to visit an ACC and an SEC school. The Saint Louis High School recruit made the first of those visits on Thursday.


Thursday Minihan was in Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Prior to the trip, Mike had kept in touch with Georgia Tech Coach Buzz Preston. “I have wanted to get to visit Georgia Tech because I love the flex-bone offense that Coach (Paul) Johnson has implemented at Tech.” Minihan will also visit Auburn this Saturday.

“This trip was a chance to also visit my aunt who lives in Carrollton, Georgia." Mike’s dad is in the Air Force and they’ve lived all over the country. “I lived in the East and the South as well as living in Hawaii."

The visit to Tech left an impression on Minihan. "It was awesome. I loved the trip a lot to be completely honest. The campus and the facilities were some of the best that I’ve seen.” Coach Brad Waggoner and Coach Ron West also arranged a meeting with the academic advisors for Minihan. The advisors showed Mike how Tech would prepare him for the real world. “Being a military son that part I understand. I
feel the academic rigors at Tech would be a great fit for me if I chose to go to Tech. The academic advisor was very impressive."

Coach West and Minihan talked about the offensive line schemes and Tech’s use of the linemen at each position. They also talked about the depth chart. Coach West told Minihan that they would be adding another lineman with the possibility of possibly adding a second. “He told me that Coach Johnson would be the person that would extend an offer to me and that my recruiting coach, Coach Buzz Preston, would most likely be getting in contact with me sometime next week.”

Mike liked the time he spent with Coach West. "Man, he is a great person. I loved being around him. It is great to know that with his experience that he can still relate to the players like he does. He and Coach Waggoneer really made me feel like I already had an offer and was a part of the team."

Where would an offer from Tech put them on Mnihan’s favorites list? "If it didn't put them at the top, it would put them right up there with the others. I could really see myself playing at Georgia Tech.”

The school that gets Mikey will get a player that is consistent and plays with intensity. “I play at the same high level at the end of a game as I do starting off a game.” His footwork is also one of Minihan’s strengths. “Using my hands or my hand technique is one area that I hope to improve.”

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