Gentry Bonds visited Georgia Tech

Murfreesboro, Tennessee defensive back Gentry Bonds recently named his top five schools. Georgia Tech is one of those schools. Saturday Bonds made the trip from Tennessee to Atlanta to visit Tech.

Gentry made the trip from Knoxville with his girlfriend. “We both really enjoyed the trip.” They both were surprised how different the campus was than they expected. “It is a beautiful campus and I love the city of Atlanta."

Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof hosted Bonds on the visit. “We have really built a great relationship during my recruiting process.” Gentry feels that Roof is the type of coach that he would like to have coaching him.

Coach Roof let Gentry know that he sees him as a boundary corner in the Tech defense. “He feels that I could come in at that position and really make a huge impact for the Tech defense early in my freshman year.” Coach Roof likes Gentry’s athleticism and the way he handles himself on the field. Gentry could see himself playing the boundary position. “I really loved how he talked about it and how I would be a huge pick up for Tech at that position."

The two also talked about academics. Bonds hopes to be a business major. “He showed me that Tech has a top 25 business school and that impressed me very much.” Gentry liked that Tech has other degrees, besides engineering, that are respected.

Gentry also got to visit quite a bit of the campus on his visit. Part of that was seeing the athletic facilities. “The athletic facilities are very good. That’s for sure.”   

Tech’s football tradition stood out to Gentry. “They have four national championships. Some factory type schools don’t have that.” Bonds also likes that Tech is always competing for ACC titles. “I know last year was tough because of graduation and a lot of injuries.”

Along with Tech, Nebraska, Clemson, Missouri, and Kentucky are in the top five for Gentry. Gentry visited Clemson last month in addition to the Saturday visit to Tech. “I want to visit the other three but it may not happen. I’m trying to set up dates to visit to get compatible times for me and the school.” His visit to Clemson last month is probably his last visit to them before he makes his decision.

Bonds starts back to school on August 5th and he would like to have a decision made before his senior season starts. “I'm not setting that in stone. I want to be sure of the school and if I feel I have already visited the one I want, then I will make a decision before August 5th."

A commit to Tech would have Gentry playing his first college game against his girlfriend’s school. The two of them would have fun with that scenario. She is already in school at Tennessee. (Laughing) “She says it is best that I learn early the woman is always right. It would be awesome if that were to happen to be straight up with you." Top Stories