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Wyatt Wilkes talks about his top five

Winter Park, Florida wing Wyatt Wilkes missed the June portion of the AAU season with a broken finger. Wyatt made up for the lost time in the July evaluation period and gained attention from schools around the country.


Wilkes spent the month of June lifting weights and staying in condition as he prepared for his July return. “I knew if I played my best that things would happen for me.” After the second or third game back, Wyatt felt like he was in the flow of things. “Having done it before, you know how to get ready and prepare yourself for the summer.” Unlike the younger players, Wyatt and his teammates ate well and went to bed early to prepare for the grind of three games in a day and sometimes eight games in a weekend. “There was too much on the line.”   

The 6’7 ¾”-207 Wilkes primarily plays the wing. Most schools are recruiting Wyatt as a wing. “I play that position for my AAU team and I’m usually the secondary ball handler for the team. I also led my team in assists.” Don’t look for Wyatt to be in the paint unless he can exploit a mismatch.

Was Wyatt happy with the attention he received in July? “I’m happy with it.” Growing up Wyatt had dream schools that he followed. “When you get older, you realize that there are things more important than the name.” Wyatt realized that there were schools that were better fits than the dream schools. “I was going to be happy either way as long as I played my best.”

Saturday Wyatt announced his top five schools. Butler, Creighton, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Missouri made his top five.    

Butler – “They have an offense I like and historically they have a good program. Like all the coaching staffs in my final five, they are great. I think Butler would be a good fit.”

Creighton – “They are similar to Butler. They have been on me since the beginning. They run a fast paced offense with a lot of cutting, passing, and threes. It’s a basketball school and they’re really into it.”

Florida State – “They’re close to home. My parents can come see me play. They know what they want to do with me. They’re evolving their offense to be more spread out and open. They’re shooting more threes.”

Georgia Tech – “They started recruiting me hard the past two weeks. Atlanta is a great place. Coach (Josh) Pastner is a winner. He knows it will take time to cultivate the culture. I want to learn more about him. A lot of guys love Georgia Tech. Their offense would be a good fit and they need a guy that can shoot threes.” Wilkes has been in Atlanta and has seen the campus. “It’s a beautiful place.”

Missouri – They are also a new offer. “I’m building a relationship with their coaches. I’m looking forward to seeing how it is when I go up there.”

Out of the final five, Florida State is the lone school that Wilkes has visited. Wyatt hasn’t decided yet if he’ll take all five of his official visits. “I’ll get it done the first two weeks of school. Wyatt plans to visit Florida State first because it’s close to home. He’ll then knock out Butler and Creighton because they have been with him the longest. Georgia Tech and Missouri will get the final visits. “It’s all subject to change at this point.”

Wyatt will use his parents as a sounding board when making his decision but he knows that ultimately he is the one that will be living at the school for four years. “It’s going to be me making the decision.” Wyatt wants to sign in the early period.


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