Ikey Obiagu made an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech recently

As the number 36 recruit in the Scout.com top 100, it is not surprising that Greenforest Academy center Ikey Obiagu has 20 plus offers. Monday Ikey took an unofficial visit to one of those schools.


The visit to Georgia Tech was one that Ikey felt he needed to take before he started school a week from today. “I wanted to see and meet all of the new coaches at Tech and see as much of the school and campus as I could.” Ikey felt it was important to see how he fit in with the rebuilding plans at Tech.

Ikey talked with Coach Josh Pastner and Coach Darryl LaBarrie as well as the other members of the Tech staff. Ikey had only met them briefly prior to the visit. Coach Pastner talked to Ikey about how Tech could help him become a better basketball player and student. “They have a Total Person program that is very successful.” Coach Pastner also talked to Ikey about the tradition of the basketball program at Tech and how he plans to put Tech back on the winning path.

The Tech coaches feel that Ikey could be the anchor that helps turn the program around. “Coach Pastner hopes to get other highly rated players to come in with me. He showed me his plans he has for the program and I have to say it’s impressive." Ikey likes the idea of possibly being that type of player. "That is very appealing to me and it’s something that is not out of the question or possibility."

Ikey didn’t hesitate to rate the visit a ten. "I didn’t see anything that I didn't like there.” Ikey had previously been on campus but got to take a more in-depth visit this time. “I really loved what I saw and heard during my time there."

The offers received by Ikey have grown to the point where he has stopped trying to keep up with all of them. Soon it will be not be how many I have but which ones I like the best and finally a school that I want to go to." Ikey is not ready at this time to cut down his list of offers. "It’s looking like I will be signing in the late period. I will have time to really get to know the schools I feel are the best fit for me."

His parents are in Nigeria so Ikey will be getting help from his guardian when it comes time to make his college choice. “He's a good man and has my best interests at heart. We will research each school. We will do it right the first time."

Looking ahead, Ikey feels that he will remain at his college choice for one or two years before he moves to the NBA. “I’ll move on if everyone that knows these situations says that I’m ready.” Ikey doesn’t see himself staying all four years. “My dream is to play in the NBA and I've worked very hard to put myself in that situation. I’m a good student and I can handle the academic work."

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