New School Showing Interest In Hutch

Ben Hutch is a big part of a very good defense for Hillsboro Comp High School. His team is one of the favorites to come home with a state title in their classification in Tennessee. Hutch is down to six schools but another school is entering into the picture for Hutch.

Profile - Ben Hutch

Hillsboro Comp High School recruit Ben Hutch recently narrowed his list of offers to six schools. A new school is now trying to get in the picture with the Nashville, Tennessee defensive tackle.

Georgia Tech has now begun recruiting Hutch. “They told me that they like what they see.” Hutch is friends with current Tech freshmen defensive tackle Brandon Adams. Ben has kept in touch with Tech coach Brad Waggoner. “The short time we've been talking, I really have grown fond of him and I’ve taken a lot of interest in Georgia Tech."

Hutch and Adams both are from the Nashville area and both attended top academic type schools. “Brandon thought I would be a great fit for Georgia Tech. He talks up Tech a lot. He told me it was the best decision he made switching from Vanderbilt to Georgia Tech.” Hutch feels that if Adams likes it there that he too would like it at Tech.

Ben has let Coach Waggoner know that he is interested in Tech. Coach Wagoner in turn let Ben know that they would be looking at his film. This could lead to an offer for Hutch. “He asked me if I would be willing to take a visit to Tech and I told him that I would especially if Tech was offering. The education that Tech provides is something that I like a lot."

The current top six schools for Hutch includes Louisville, Memphis, Missouri, Nebraska, Penn State, and Texas A&M. If Georgia Tech were to offer, then I would look over everything again and maybe knock one school out or have a top seven."

Look for Ben to take all five of his official visits. “My mom wants me to use them for the schools that are the furthest away.” Ben’s mom would prefer he attend a school where she could be at as many of his games as possible. “If I went to Tech, Brandon’s parents and my parents could come together and we could come home together."

Ben will be look for a school where he can get a first class education. “I want to take advantage of the free education. Because of that, the Georgia Tech interest in me is appealing.” Distance from home will also be a factor for Ben in making his decision.

Ben feels that his school will be playing in the state championships. Once those are over, he plans to make his decision. While he is on pace to graduate early, Ben wants to finish his senior year and begin his college career in June. “I know spring practice could be real valuable but why rush life. I want to enjoy all of life and high school is a part of that.” Ben knows he can handle the academics and wants to start college with the rest of the freshmen. Top Stories