Chad Simmons

Bruce Jordan-Swilling loves the challenge presented by following his father.

New Orleans, LA Brother Martin two-way recruit Bruce Jordan Swilling is receiving attention from across the country. Schools like Bruce at both linebacker and running back.

Editor's Note: Subsequent to talking to Sunday night, Bruce decided to not wait any longer to make his decison. Bruce will be playing his college ball with his brother at Georgia Tech. 

Bruce spent the summer visiting schools and taking part in summer workouts. Although he didn’t have much personal time, Bruce knows that he had to do those things to achieve his goals.

Alabama, Arizona, Georgia Tech, LSU, and USC received visits from Jordan-Swilling. Moving forward, Bruce’s main objective is to take game day visits. Bruce and his brother would like to attend the Clemson night game but will visit even if they can’t make the night game. A Tech visit is the only game day visit he has planned at this time. “These type visits are helping us decide which schools will get official visits.” At the present time, Bruce plans to take official visits to Georgia Tech and USC.

Following in his dad’s footsteps is something that Bruce has given a lot of thought. “If I were to go to Tech, I would have to work hard to keep the Swilling name going. I am very proud of him and would love to carry on that name at Georgia Tech. The fact that he and I play the same position is great. I'd love the challenge to be honest."

Georgia Tech and USC are both recruiting Bruce to play either linebacker or running back. Bruce doesn’t have a preference as to which position he would play. “Tech Coach (Paul) Johnson told me I could play either one if it got me on the field the quickest or would make the team better. I love his attitude towards me.” Bruce knows he could use special teams or practice to show that he deserves to play as a freshman.  

Right now Bruce plans to make his decision after his senior season and before signing day. Bruce and his brother Tre would like to attend the same school. They know that this may not happen but that is their goal. "We would love it so our parents could come to see us at the games instead of having to choose which game to attend. I would say it is 95% chance that it will happen. We are close as brothers go and we want to play together if all possible." Top Stories