Chris Young is one of the best Strong Safety's in college football. The 6-0, 207 lb., Senior has been a cornerstone to the Yellow Jackets defense for three years. In the time that Chris has started for the Ramblin Wreck he has 161 career tackles and three interceptions. This year in three games he has nine tackles, one interception and three pass breakups. The nine tackles have been good enough to bring Chris's total to 170, and second among active players in career tackles. Check out our Q&A




   Check out our Q&A with Chris, has he tackles a few questions from DA Sting!!!


Question: You had a stellar high school career and were highly recruited. What made you commit to Georgia Tech?

Chris Young: "I had a cousin who was already playing at Georgia Tech. He was the main reason that I felt it was the place for me. His name is Vernon Strickland, and he played linebacker. Vernon did a great job of helping me separate recruiting talk from what I was really going to be facing once I went to a school."

Question:  Talk about last year's game with Florida State. You guys played hard and lost, but people still gave the team a standing ovation when you left the field. How did that make you feel?

Chris Young: " Well it made us feel proud of the fact that our fans recognized our effort. Whenever you leave it all on the field you want people to be able to tell that from what they saw during the game. So many times we've thought that we were a play or two away from things going our way against Florida State. This year when we walk off the field we don't want any regrets."

Question: Chris do you have any personal goals that you've set for this year?

Chris Young: " I have a lot of personal goals going into this year, but the most important one is playing wherever I can help the team the most. I am not selfish and I don't put my goals in front of the team. I'd rather play safety every game, but if they need me at corner, that's no problem.  I'll gladly line up there."

Question: How do you feel about the game against Florida State not being played?

Chris Young: " I want what's best for everybody. If we can't have 80,000 people come and cheer safely, then postponing it was the right thing to do. If it's in the cards for us to beat Florida State this year, it'll happen no matter when we play them."

Question: What do you think of Florida States winning streak at home?

Chris Young: " I think that it would be unbelievable for us to be the first team to stop that streak. They have just dominated since they have come into the ACC, so you have to take your hat off to them. But at the same time we're not intimidated by them at all." Top Stories