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Tre Swilling has committed to Georgia Tech

On Monday, New Orleans, LA Brother Martin athlete Tre Martin decided that it was time to announce that he was going to continue the Swilling legacy at Georgia Tech. Tre became the 12th commit in the Tech 2017 recruiting class.

After discussing his recruitment with Sunday night, Tre did some thinking and decided that it was time to give his commitment to Tech. Tre wanted to join recruits like T.D Roof and Conner Hanson in helping to bring other recruits to Tech. “I felt like I needed to commit and get it done. I saw other recruits committing elsewhere and thought that if I were already a Tech commit I could have been working on them to come in with this class.”

Tech commit T.D. Roof was the first person to know about Tre’s commit. Tre also called cornerback Coach Joe Speed who had given Tre another perspective on Tech beside his dad’s and Coach Roof’s perspective. Coach Bryan Cook also received the news from Tre. Tre then finally got the chance to talk to Coach Paul Johnson.  

Coach Johnson let Tre know that the news made Monday’s practice even better. “He wanted me to be the ambassador for Tech recruiting. I will be working to get the top targets that Coach Johnson and Coach Johnson want to come in with me.”     

It goes without saying that Tre was going to be working brother Bruce Jordan-Swilling to join him but that does not appear that he’ll need to do that now. “He wants to be a running back/linebacker. He’s hoping that when he talks to Coach Johnson in a few days that he can be a Myles Jack type player.” Bruce wanted to let Tre have his day or two in the spotlight before he made his commitment. “We’ve always said we wanted to play together in college.”

Tre is looking forward to living in Atlanta. "Every time I come back to Georgia Tech, it feels like a family reunion. Of all the visits I’ve made, I felt at home the most when I was at Georgia Tech. Tre’s relationship with Coach Roof and Coach Saeed Khalif made him feel good about his decision. “Playing on the same field where my dad did and seeing his name on the facing of the East stands is also special."

The Tech plan for Tre is to start out at boundary corner and then as he learns the schemes to play some field corner and nickel. Playing safety could also be in the equation. “We’ve gotten some very good defensive back commits in this class and each one is versatile enough to play just more than one of the defensive back positions. I like that flexibility.”  

Throughout his recruitment, his dad Pat never pushed Tre towards one school. “He said that I’m a man and I need to make the decision for myself. I do know he is bursting with pride and joy to know I’m going to carry on the Swilling legacy at Georgia Tech.” Top Stories