Ikey Obiagu made his official visit to Georgia Tech recently

Greenforest, Georgia post player Ikey Obiagu has completed the first of two official visits scheduled for this week. Following those visits Ikey and his guardian will decide on plans for possible additional visits.


The visit Tuesday to Georgia Tech allowed Obiagu to continue to build his relationship with the Tech coaching staff. “I got to know them much better than I did when I made my unofficial visit there in early August.” Ikey feels that he knows all he needs to know about Tech. The official was to talk to the coaches and talk to fellow Nigerian Sylvester Ogbonda.     

Ogbonda hosted Ikey on his visit. “We have a good connection and he is a big reason I like Tech.” Ogbonda made sure Ikey had a good time and introduced him to all the players. Ikey also spent time with freshman Josh Okogie. “The whole team made me feel welcome while I was there.”  His meeting with the coaches also went well. “They are all very good men and I really enjoyed talking with them."

Coach Josh Pastner reiterated to Ikey how much he wants him at Tech. "He says he has big plans on how to use me in the post both on offense and defense. He runs different schemes for each side of the
ball.” Ikey was impressed with their plans for getting the best out of his talent. Ikey was also impressed with the effort and energy that Coach Pastner puts into his job. “Their staff looks to be a good one.” Ikey and Coach Pastner also talked about life at Tech and Ikey’s chance to be an excellent academic addition to the school.

The visit also included a tour of the school and the basketball facilities. “I got to see just about everything there was for me to see." Ikey liked everything that he saw and all the people he met on his visit. “To me the visit was a strong ten.”

Now that he has completed his official to Tech, Ikey will be traveling to Maryland Friday for his second official visit. “After that visit, I’m not sure of my plans.” Ikey is still looking at Arizona, Baylor, and Florida State. Obiagu is not sure if the other three will receive official visits. “I know that I will be using some time to see where my recruitment stands and then go from there."

Right now Obiagu plans to sign in April but that is not set in stone. “I think I’ll sign in April but that could change and I could sign in November. The plans right now are to sign in the April."

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