Pierre-Louis has new school in the picture

Plainfield, New Jersey talented point guard Nate Pierre-Louis has an impressive list of offers as he begins his senior year. This past week another school has offered and is showing strong interest in Nate.


Nate begins his senior year this coming Thursday. He will play his senior season at Plainfield High School.” I’m looking forward to it and to really getting my name out there some more."

Until recently, Temple was the one school that was recruiting Pierre-Louis the hardest. “They have recruited me from the beginning but a new school has gotten my interest.” That new school is Georgia Tech. Coach Josh Pastner recently called Nate to offer him and to let him know that they would be recruiting him hard. “I don't much about Georgia Tech other than they do put players in the NBA. Chris Bosh, Inman Shumpert, Jarrett Jack, Derrick Favors, and Stephon Marbury as some players I’ve followed in the NBA."

Coach Pastner and Nate talked about Nate’s style of play. "He said he loves that I can score at will and that I’m a physical rebounding point guard.” Coach Pastner likes his point guards to score and feels that Nate fits that style of play. “He wants to get me on campus. He said if he got me on campus to see what Tech is all about it would open my eyes even more.”    

Pierre-Louis is hoping to take that visit. "I know I want to visit. In fact, I have been talking to my parents about setting up a weekend to do that.” Nate feels that he needs to make the visit to make sure he’s not leaving out a school where he could do well both in the classroom and on the court.

The offer from Tech came at the right time for Nate. "My recruiting has been pretty steady and Tech has come along and put some serious effort into recruiting me. It gives me another school to think about which is a good thing.” Nate likes the idea of having some good options before making his decision.

What will the school that Nate chooses get from him? The 6’4”-187 guard feels that his size is a plus. “I’m a difficult match-up for the opposing point guard and even the two guard if they make a switch. My strengths are scoring, rebounding, and defense.” Coach Pastner also likes Nate’s work ethic and the way he gets his teammates involved in the game.

Pierre-Louis has yet to decide whether he’ll sign in November or April. “I’m open to signing in either period. It will depend on how my recruiting shapes up.” Distance will not be a factor in Nate’s recruitment. "I’m looking for the school that fits me the best. The rest will fall into place."

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