Hansen solid to Georgia Tech

Tallahassee, Florida offensive lineman Connor Hansen committed to Georgia Tech in the beginning of June. Last Thursday, Hanson traveled to Atlanta to watch Tech in their Thursday night game with Clemson.


The visit allowed Connor to spend more time with the Tech coaches and to get to know the players better. “I got a chance to talk with both ex player Trey Braun and current player Parker Braun.” Tech Coach Paul Johnson wants Hansen to come in and get better and better each game as Trey did when he was at Tech.    

The coaches talked to Connor about what they’re looking for from him as a freshman. “They want me to carry my current weight but without the body fat.” They also talked to Connor about the position he might play. Connor liked seeing Braun and Jahaziel Lee getting reps as freshmen. “I just hope I can come in and perform well enough to get playing time that early.”

Recruiting was also a subject discussed with the coaches. The commits have started a group chat to stay in touch and talk about recruiting. “The Swilling brothers are hilarious and recruiting hard for Tech. I also talk with Demetrius (Harris).” Although Harris visited South Florida last weekend, Connor feels that he is still a solid commit."

Roswell, Georgia quarterback Malik Willis and Nashville, Tennessee defensive tackle Ben Hutch are two of the recruits that the commits are targeting. Hansen feels that Tech has a good chance of landing both recruits. “They would make great additions to this class.” Tech defensive tackle Brandon Adams has been working Hutch and the Swilling’s have been going hard after Willis. Hansen and the commits are talking to other recruits but felt it best not to mention their names at this time. “I know we want to have the best class possible. Building team chemistry even before we get to Tech is a good thing."

Is Connor a solid commit to Tech? "There is no doubt that I am 100% committed to Tech.” Connor only thinks about one school and that is Tech. “My main concerns now are helping this class and having the best senior year at my high school."

Hansen would like to take some additional game day visits to Tech but none are planned at this time. If he has any open weekends he will try to make it back to Atlanta. Making a trip with the guys in their group chat has been discussed. "That would be great. We'll have to see."


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