Obiagu still set to sign in April

Following his five official visits, there were questions as to whether Greenforest center Ike Obiagu would be signing in the early signing period or in April. Ike cleared up those questions as well as naming the schools he’s still considering.

There have been rumors that Obiagu might change his mind and sign in the early signing period. “I've talked to a few reporters and maybe they misunderstood what I meant for my plans as far as choosing a school." Ike still plans to sign in April.

Obiagu will continue to look at the same six schools that he’s had on his list. Baylor, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Lon Beach State, Maryland, and North Carolina State are the six schools he’s considering. Ike could commit anywhere from right after the early signing period is over or wait until the beginning of the April signing period. “That is what I meant when talking to the other reporters. It has never been my intent to sign in the early period."

Even though he has taken all his official visits, Ike wants to have the time to sit down with his guardian and coaches to talk about each school. They will discuss the pros and cons of each program as well as the academics. “I want to know the school inside and out to see if that school can offer the best combination I’m looking for."

At one time, Ike had planned to take an unofficial visit to North Carolina State. Ike has not planned a date for that possible visit. It is also possible that Ike could make his decision before he has a chance to visit State. “We start our season this Saturday. My high school team is what I am concentrating on right now."

A coach that can get him to the next level and improve his play as much as possible as well as a school that prepares him academically for life after basketball are the two things Ike will be looking for in choosing a school. "I’m looking for my degree to carry me if basketball isn't in the picture."

The most recent visit for Obiagu was to Florida State. “Coach (Leonard) Hamilton showed me around the campus and talked about how I would fit into his coaching style.” Hamilton likes how Ike runs the floor for a big man. “I liked the campus and the players on the team. The visit went really well."

Ike is not ready to name a leader until he sits down and evaluates all six of the schools that he’s considering. Georgia Tech and Florida State are the two schools that may get additional visits from Ike.

Since taking his official visits, Ike has also spoken with coaches from both Tech and Florida State. “Just this week I have talked with Coach (Josh) Pastner and Coach (Darryl) LaBarrie at Georgia Tech and Coach Hamilton at Florida State.” The coaches from both those schools have stayed in contact with Ike. “They’ve both said they can give me major minutes and get me ready for the next level."

The question remains as to how long Ike plans to play at the school he selects. "If everything goes right, I would say one to two years.” Ike feels that he would have to be an early choice for him to leave college. If  Ike doesn’t get a good feeling about the draft, he will play another year. “I just want the right combination of academics and a school that will make sure that I’m ready for the NBA. Top Stories