Gentry Bonds (© Chad Simmons — SCOUT)

Bonds set to enroll early

Murfreesboro, Tennessee defensive back Gentry Bonds and his family made the trip to Atlanta for Gentry’s official visit to Georgia Tech. Gentry will be enrolling at Tech in January.

The visit allowed Gentry to prepare for his early enrollment. “Jaytlin Askew and I filled out some paperwork and we learned that we will be rooming together.” Bonds likes the idea of having a fellow early enrollee and defensive back as his roommate. “I know my mom was a bit hesitant about me enrolling early and going to Atlanta but now she and my dad are on board and supporting my decision.” Gentry is happy that this is now the case.

Hanging out with his fellow commits was the best part of the trip for Gentry. “We talked about the class and how we are trying to get more commits to come in with us.” They had recently done this with quarterback Tobias Oliver and he is now a part of the Tech 2017 class.  

Gentry met with the coaches and learned that he would be playing boundary corner. “Coach (Ted) Roof and Coach (Andy) McCollum are expecting a lot from me as a freshman. I look forward to the challenge” Gentry is looking forward to getting reps in spring practice and learning from the coaches and rising senior Step Durham.

The switch to corner from safety is one that Gentry is embracing. The coaches like Gentry’s size and speed at the corner. The coaches feel having his size and speed will allow them to play more press defense “I think it will be a great switch to be honest.”

Bonds was hosted on the trip by Tech defensive tackle Brandon Adams. The two are longtime friends. “He had nothing but great things to say about Tech.” Adams let Gentry know it will be challenging but that getting a Tech degree makes it worth it.

Aside from reaching out and helping to recruit other players, Gentry and his teammates have reached out to fellow commit Jerry Howard who lost his dad this week. “We let him know that we are there for him.” Howard let his classmates know how much he appreciated their gestures. “It made him realize how close everyone is in this class.” Top Stories