Askew's visit confirmed his decision

McEachern High School (GA) cornerback Jaytlin Askew has been a Georgia Tech commit since June. This weekend Askew took his official visit to Tech and completed his preparation to enroll in January.

Askew enjoyed every part of the visit from going out to eat to hanging out with the recruits and players. “I couldn't have made a better choice than Georgia Tech. This weekend confirmed that big time for me."

The bond between Jaytlin and fellow visitors Connor Hansen, Mikey Minihan, Gentry Bonds, and Pressley Harvin was very evident. Askew was also impressed with the coaches and academic advisers. “One thing I liked was that the coaches were straight shooters.” Jaytlin was anxious to see where he stood with the coaches and what their plans were for him. “Coach (Paul) Johnson told me to get ready to compete but not to expect anything to be handed to me.”

Tech corner and former high school teammate Ajani Kerr hosted Jaytlin on the visit. The two talked about Kerr’s wait for a scholarship offer last year and the hard work that he’s put in since he’s been at Tech. “Now it is my time to earn my spot."

The Tech coaches let Jaytlin know that they like him at the field corner position. The message was the same to Askew as it was to Gentry Bonds. They would be playing more press coverage. “Teams better get ready. We’ll be locking down the secondary for a while.”  

Many saw the Twitter picture of Jaytlin, Gentry, Dameon Williams, and Tre Swilling with the caption “DB Institute coming soon to the ATL.” Jaytlin got the idea and Tre and the others took it from there. “We are very close and this closeness will be a big influence on our play.” Jaytlin also likes that Bruce Jordan-Swilling will be playing linebacker. “Bruce likes the position plus we have a beast coming in at B Back and his name is Jerry Howard.”

Jaytlin fell asleep during the Georgia game but woke up in time to see the Qua Searcy touchdown. Of note, Georgia had invited Askew to the game. “I was thinking I’m about to enroll at Tech and they want me to come as a guest for their game against Tech. I decided not to go and just let them see how we’ll do it on the field the next four years." Top Stories