Owens has a lot to think about

Central Florida soft verbal Antwan Owens took his third official visit this weekend. The visit was to Georgia Tech. The Tallahassee, Florida recruit is being recruited by Tech as a strong side defensive end.


Tech defensive tackle Kyle Cerge-Henderson hosted Owens on the visit. “I loved every minute that I was there.” The trip opened Owens’ eyes about Tech. “It gives me a lot to think about.”  

Antwan spent Friday getting to know the coaches better. He also got to meet the other recruits and a few of the players. Friday night the players and recruits hung out and talked football. Saturday, Antwan toured the school and took a look at the academic side of things. “We had a chance to see what type of classes we would have in the major we would choose.” Owens also toured the facilities and the coaches talked to him about some upgrades that are in the works.

Getting to see the campus and city was a highlight for Owens. “I loved how Tech is in a big city but you can’t tell until you look up and see the tall buildings. That is awesome to me.”

If Antwan learned one thing from the visit, it was that Tech commit Tre Swilling is a recruiting machine. “He was talking up Georgia Tech to all the recruits. I think he might have even got a recruit to commit again (laughing). He really loves it.”  Owens got to see how excited Tre, his brother Bruce, and TD Roof are about carrying on their dad’s legacy at Tech. “That rubbed off on everyone.”

Sunday, Antwan and his family met with Coach Paul Johnson. “He let us know that he’ll make sure I do what it takes to get a degree.” Antwan was impressed by that. “The entire staff really went out of their way to show me that they really want me there as a player and a student.”

Owens has two remaining official visits and then he’ll make his college decision. “I know I have some thinking to do and these visits are to make sure I’m making the best and right decision for myself.  The best decision to set me up for the rest of my life.”

The visit put Tech in a good position with Owens. “Georgia Tech is definitely in the running.  I could see myself playing there and going to class there.” 

Distance from home will not play a role for Owens in making his decision. “Tech is only about a four hour drive and my family can easily come see me play.  It’s not a problem at all.” Antwan’s parents loved the city and the education Antwan could receive there. “As a family, including myself, the visit was a nine on a scale of 1 to 10.”


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