Roof to carry on legacy

Buford, GA linebacker and Georgia Tech commit T.D. Roof is the son of Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof. One would expect that he knows everything about Tech. His official visit last weekend gave him a chance to learn some new things about his future home.

The visit allowed T.D. to catch up with some of the Tech commits that he had become friends with on social chat. “It was nice to see my future teammates in person.” Roof and those commits also had a chance to recruit the uncommitted visitors on campus for the weekend   “It was exciting talking to them about what we expect for the football team when we get there this June.”

Tech linebacker Brant Mitchell hosted T.D. on his visit. The two of them had a great time talking about playing linebacker at Tech. “I know I can learn a lot by watching him play when I get there.” T.D hopes that he too can earn some playing time as a true freshman just as Mitchell did in his freshman season.

T.D. learned some new things about Tech on his visit. “They have a great support system for the student-athletes and are continually adding new items to help us with our academics.” T.D saw that Tech is a lot different from when his dad played there. “A lot of people think I know Georgia Tech like the back of my hand. They forget I spent a lot of my time in North Carolina when my dad was coaching at Duke.” T.D. is looking forward to being at Tech in June to carry on the legacy of the Roof name.

Speaking of legacies, T.D. had a chance to reunite with Tre Swilling and Bruce Jordan-Swilling. “They are just as excited as am I to get there and get on the field to create their own mark at Tech.” Even though the trio are legacies, they aren’t expecting anything to be handed to them because of their name. “We know we will have to earn our playing time.”

 Hanging out with the current players and the recruits was the highlight of the visit for T.D. The recruits feel they already know each other and they got to know more about their future teammates. “We feel that we will be making something special for Georgia Tech.”

Look for T.D. to line up at outside linebacker when he arrives on campus. Tech will be looking to take advantage of his coverage skills. “The scheme will dictate exactly where I’ll play on the field.  I’m very excited for what’s in store for me.”

The arrival of June will mean that T.D. and his brother Mic will be going in separate directions to further their careers. “I’m very happy for Mick to be going to a place where he can make his mark on a program just like I am at Georgia Tech.  It will be strange not having him by my side on the field or in the class rooms for the first time.” The important thing for the brothers is that both are happy with their decisions. “We can both root for each other to do great things.”

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