Dawson can't wait to sign with GT

Stockbridge, Georgia defensive end Kelton Dawson spent the weekend at Georgia Tech on his official visit. The visit convinced Dawson that committing to Tech was a win-win situation for him and his family.


Kelton had such a great time on the visit that he decided to make his decision before leaving campus. "I decided to go ahead and commit to Georgia Tech when I talked to Coach (Paul) Johnson this morning."

His decision to commit was a surprise to Kelton’s family. “I told my sister to get the phone out, when we went into Coach Johnson’s office, and start recording, I wanted to see the look on my parents faces as they heard it for the first time as well as Coach Johnson.” The news had Kelton’s mom clapping and she had tears in her eyes. His dad had a huge smile on his face. Coach Johnson was surprised as well. “I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the recruiting visit."

Kyle Cerge-Henderson hosted Kelton on the first day of his visit and Corey Griffin on the second day. “Corey showed me a lot of things to do and talked to me about what to expect. He said it is hard but if you do right, you can make it happen.” Griffin let Kelton know that it was up to him as to how bad he wanted it. “He said he wanted it so much that it doesn't seem like hard work. It’s just doing work to reach a very special goal.”

A combination of academics, the success of the football program, and the closeness of the players were things that stood out to Kelton. “All the players, even ones that have finished playing, have nothing but great things to say about their time at Georgia Tech. They were keeping it real.” All those factors led to Kelton feeling that committing to Tech was a win-win situation. “I’m so excited and happy that Georgia Tech entered my recruiting picture."

Coach Johnson asked Kelton if he was sure about his decision. "He wants players that are willing to work and want to be at Georgia Tech.” Kelton also met with Coach Mike Pelton. The two watched film and Kelton received some tips while watching the film. “I can’t wait to work with him.” Kelton’s never say quit attitude and his motor stood out to the Tech coaches.

Kelton will be lining up at defensive end when he arrives at Tech. “Whether I play strong side or rush end depends on how everything shakes out. I’m good with that.” Kelton feels he can play both equally well.    

Next up for Kelton will be a signing day ceremony at Stockbridge in the morning. “I can’t wait.”

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