Sanders' visit was off the charts

North Charleston, South Carolina wide receiver Adonicas Sanders was in Atlanta this weekend for an official visit to Georgia Tech. Sanders left the visit without making a decision but he could be making that decision soon.

The visit to Tech was off the charts according to Sanders. “Everything Tech did was first class.” Sanders’ parents also enjoyed the visit. “I’ve taken all my officials and this one was the best by far.”

Tech A Back J.J. Green hosted Adonicas on the visit. “He really did a first class job of making sure I had the best time possible while I was at Georgia Tech.

Sanders was impressed with the city of Atlanta and the players made him feel like he was a part of the family. Adonicas also enjoyed talking to the coaches. “They kept it real and I liked that.” Getting to see the Tech-Notre Dame was a highlight of the trip for Sanders. “I know the guy that plays center is a baller. He did everything and played the entire game.”

Coach Buzz Preston spent time with Adonicas on his visit. He is his recruiting and position coach. “Coach Buzz said Tech would be looking at me as a wide receiver.  When they started recruiting me, the A-Back position was mentioned.”  The possible move of a current receiver resulted in Sanders being recruited as a receiver.

Now that Adonicas has finished his visits he will spend the next few days with his family to talk about his decision. Georgia Tech, South Carolina State, and Presbyterian are his final three schools.  “These three are the ones that showed me the most love and best times on my officials.  Now I just need to decide on which one is best for me.”

Two or three factors will enter into the decision for Adonicas. He’ll be looking for the school that gives him the best education and the school that can best take advantage of his talents.  Adonicas was thinking about staying in-state but that probably won’t be a factor now. “I’ve got to look at the bigger picture and do what is right for my future. That may be me going out of state.”

Tuesday will be decision day for Adonicas. “I will get on Twitter and announce my decision.  It will most likely be in the afternoon or it could be earlier if my parents and I come to a consensus quicker than originally planned.” Top Stories