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Khavon Moore loves the GT system

Westside Macon, Georgia junior Khavon Moore is one of the top recruits in the 2018 class. Last Saturday, Moore and his godfather Brian Hardin traveled to Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech play Boston College.

We talked to Brian about the visit and Khavon’s impressions of the game. “Khavon was wrapped up in the game even with Tech was not playing well in the first half.”  Khavon noticed that when Stephens went out, it made it harder for the Tech players to get into a scoring position.  Khavon also noticed that Tech kept the defensive pressure on Boston College.  Khavon was also very impressed with Lammers and his rebounding ability.

Both Khavon and Brian loved the second half. They felt it was a true indication of how the team really performs. “Khavon loved how thy kept pushing the ball up the court. He said he would love to play in a system like that.” Coach Josh Pastner has let Khavon know that he is a top priority for Georgia Tech in the 2018 class and that Ashton Hagans is the top priority in 2019.

Coach Pastner also let Khavon know that he wants two point guards on the floor when he fully implements his system. “Coach has said Khavon and Ashton are a perfect fit for what he wants to put out on the floor.  Since he doesn’t use a true 5 spot on the floor, it makes sense to have guys that can push the ball, handle the ball, and shoot the ball well.  I know Khavon loves the system a lot.”

Khavon is still looking at the schools recruiting him and hasn’t separated any schools from his list of offers. Khavon is hearing the same story from all the schools. “You are great for my system. You will make the team better. You are exactly the player we are looking for to get over the hump and make a run for the national title.”  Khavon and Brian respect that and appreciate that but they know they have to look through all that and look at the coaching staff and players. “Khavon could be there two years or four. You just don’t know and you want a coach that will be there for Khavon in any way they can.  He doesn’t want a coach that just tells him what he wants to hear just to get him to come to that college.”

Thus far Khavon has enjoyed the process. Brian realized he was a special talent when he was only 11 years old. “He just loved the game and did everything he could to keep bettering himself.  I could see he just had that feel for the game that most guys his age didn’t.”  Khavon is using the recruiting process as a motivation tool to better himself. “He has a good head on his shoulders and all the attention he gets will not go to his head. He will still be down to earth and a good young man that happens to play basketball pretty good. I for one have enjoyed watching him go through this and seeing how well he is handling it.”

If Khavon takes any more visits this month, it will be to schools that are not far from Macon. “We are just starting the playoffs and Khavon and his teammates feel they have a team that can win it all.  So that will always come first and then we will set up visits after the playoffs are done.” Top Stories