Darnell Jefferies had a blast at Tech

Newton High School, GA 2018 defensive lineman Darnell Jefferies has received offers from both ACC and SEC schools. Wednesday Darnell visited one of those schools along with him mom, dad, and aunt.


Jefferies and family made the short trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. He was hosted on the visit by Coach Joe Speed. “”We had a blast. My mom and dad loved taking the academic tour.” Hearing about the available degrees hit home with Darnell.

The visit included getting to see the recreation center, the academic side of things, and the athletic facilities. They also got to see how the student-athletes get assistance from tutors in the courses they are taking. “Coach Speed told me that Georgia Tech gives all student-athletes every resource available including one on one tutoring for any class.” Knowing that Coach Paul Johnson stresses that his players get degrees stood out to Jefferies.

Coach Speed invited Darnell back for any of the spring activities. "He said I could come back anytime I'd like. I plan on coming back." Darnell also has planned other visits. “This coming weekend I’m going to Virginia Tech. The following weekend I’m going to go Alabama and the weekend after that to Clemson.” Darnell also plans to take other visits to watch spring practices and spring games.

Prior to these visits, Darnell has received six offers. “They are all from great schools.” Georgia Tech, Colorado State, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest are the six. All six schools are recruiting the 6’4”-275 Jefferies to play defensive tackle.

When it comes time to choose a school, Darnell will be looking for the one where he fits best with the players and the student life. “I'd like to be around people I feel comfortable with.” The academic life will also enter into his decision. Darnell will be looking for a degree that will carry him through life. “I also want to have a great relationship with the coaching staff like I have with Coach Speed. We’ve hit it off and I like him a lot.”

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