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Kendall Williamson expects distance to be a factor

Brookwood, Georgia athlete Kendall Williamson can play on either side of the ball but most schools like his size at cornerback. Three of those schools have received Junior Day visits from Williamson.

Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Mississippi State have all received visits from Kendall. “I had a lot of fun and learned a lot at all three schools. If the rest of my recruiting goes like this, I know I will enjoying my time before I decide on which school to attend.”

Kendall talked to us about each of those visits.

Georgia Tech - “It was an amazing time. I got to tour the campus and see the facilities.  I talked with Coach (Ted) Roof as well as the players. They talked to me about how they balance academics and football.  Georgia Tech is one of the very best schools when it comes to academics and I wanted to see how they did it and still do so well on the field.  Talking with them was extremely impressive and very informative.  I now know I can play football at a high level and still get a first class education.  Talking with the players was the highlight.” 

Auburn – “The campus was amazing, very big and beautiful.  We got to tour just about the whole school, see the stadium, and some of the football facilities.  We talked with the position coaches and the head coach just a little.  We didn’t get a chance to talk with the players but the position coaches had a lot of answers we were looking for about Auburn.  It was a very good trip.” 

Mississippi State – Again, we got to tour the whole school.  We talked with the position coaches and the head coach.  They did something a little different.  While we were talking with the position coaches and getting questions answered, our parents were talking with the head coach and getting their questions answered.  That was a bit different but both the recruits and parents liked how they did it.  We still got some time with the head coach.”

All three schools like Kendall as a defensive back. “Each coach at those schools said that college football is going to big corners and safeties and I would be valuable in the defensive backfield. “ Kendall is 6’1”-188 and still growing.

All three school have invited Kendall back for spring practices or their spring game. “I know I will do one or the other. Two of the schools are pretty close and I’d like to see the other school again. Kendall will be going to North Carolina State in two weeks and then in early March he will return to North Carolina.

The offers are rolling in for Kendall. “I picked up six just this past week.  My head coach said May and June would be big months for me. The coaches will come see me practice and camps are being held. I’m looking forward to it.”

 When it comes to choosing a school, proximity will be a factor. “I want my parents and grandparents to be able to come see me play. That is very important.” Kendall will also be looking at the degree he can earn, his relationship with the coaches, the depth chart, and he’ll be looking to see if he has friends on the team.

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