Chad Simmons

Colby Wood to return for summer camp

Schools around the South are looking at Jefferson, Georgia recruit Colby Wood as an athlete. One school showing interest in Wood likes him as a running back. Wood visited that school earlier this week.

Wood was in Atlanta Tuesday to visit Georgia Tech. Colby got to see the school and meet with Coach Craig Candeto. “It was an amazing trip. It was much better than I expected to be honest.”

The campus was one of the things that got Colby’s attention. He also came away impressed with the recreation center. “I loved all the things you can do there.” While visiting the indoor football facility, Wood got a chance to talk to Tech players Lynn Griffin and Justin Thomas who were getting ready for Pro Day. “Both of them told me that Georgia Tech is a special place. They were glad they chose to come
there. “

Coach Candeto let Colby know that Tech is looking at him as an A Back or a B Back. Coach Candeto also let Colby know that Coach Paul Johnson wants to meet him and see him play. “He loves how I follow my blocks and that I’m hard to bring down. I left with an awesome feeling about Georgia Tech."

While he didn’t receive an offer on the visit, Colby plans to return in June for the Tech summer camp. “They usually offer a lot of offensive players at the camp. I’m making sure I’m there either the 3rd or the 4th of June." Colby currently holds offers from Navy and Mercer. Colby is fully qualified but plans to retake the ACT to get a higher score. “I treat my academics like I do my football. I want to get better and better each time out."

The next visit for Wood will be this weekend. He’ll be traveling to visit Pittsburgh. He’ll also be at Georgia State on the 19th and he may also visit Mercer, Auburn, and Georgia Southern. Auburn, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Virginia Tech are the newest schools showing interest in Wood.   

Colby plans to wait until after his senior season to make his college choice. "That way I’ll have a good grasp of how my recruitment is going and I’ll know the schools that are most interested in me."

Being close enough to home so that his family can watch him play will be a factor in Colby’s recruitment. He’ll also be looking for a school where he can get a degree that means something. How he fits in with the schemes the school runs will also be important to Colby. “I’m listed as an athlete but I am being recruited as a corner, running back, and slot receiver. Where I feel I fit the best will be big.” Finally, Colby will be looking for continuity in the coaching staffs at the schools recruiting him. Top Stories