Antonutti expecting a summer decision

Nashville, TN’s Ensworth School is the home for versatile athlete Tanner Antonutti. In addition to playing baseball, basketball, and running track, Tanner plays multiple positions on the football team.

Football is the sport Tanner will be playing in college. In addition to his double-digit offer list, Tanner is seeing new schools showing interest. “I see a lot of positive things happening in my recruitment.” Tanner hears a lot from Tennessee and Louisville while Georgia, Arkansas, Wake Forest and Memphis have begun to show interest.

Georgia Tech is another school showing interest in Tanner. “Coach (Andy) McCollum is recruiting me hard. “ Tanner was near the Tech campus on his spring break but Tech was also on break so he didn’t visit. Tanner plans to visit Tech this summer and may attend their camp. Coming off two surgeries, Tanner won’t participate in the camp. “I want to get down there and see everything they have to offer.” Tanner already knows incoming Tech freshman Kaleb Oliver, has played against Tech defensive tackle Brandon Adams, and knows the other Tennessee players on the squad. “It would be nice to have so many fellow players from my state already on the team.”

While he plays mostly defensive end and tight end, Tech is looking at Antonutti to play another position. “Coach McCollum mentioned that the offensive line is where they are looking at me to play.  I have some experience there so it wouldn’t be a radical change for me.”

Tanner is not concerned about making the transition to the offensive line. “The strange part of it though is that playing left tackle actually made me a better tight end.  It gave me more insight as how and where to block to go along with my pass catching duties.” Tanner feels he could play any of the three positions at the next level.

Ensworth doesn’t start their spring practice until the end of May so Tanner will have two months to take spring visits. “Georgia Tech is going to be one of them if I can catch them for one of their spring practices. If not, then the summer visit will happen. I will probably also visit Memphis and Central Florida.”

A college decision for Tanner will probably come before his senior season starts. “I think that is the best way to do it. By then, I will most likely have visited every school that I am interested in for college.”

Antonutti has given the decision making a lot of thought. He knows what he’ll be looking for before he makes his decision. Tanner wants to feel comfortable with his teammates, the school, and the area where the school is located. A four to six hour drive would be manageable for his family. “The education I get will be important. Will my degree mean something when I am done with football.” Tanner will also be looking to his family to see if they are also comfortable with the school he chooses.

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