Walton names top school

Melbourne Catholic, Florida athlete Zamari Walton is being recruited by most schools as a defensive back. This past weekend, Walton visited two of the schools showing him interest.


Walton arrived early Friday at Georgia Tech to tour the school and learn more about the academics prior to the spring game. “We were impressed by the atmosphere and academics at Georgia Tech.” His mom was unable to visit so his aunt made the trip with Zamari. “My aunt told my mom that I was right on the mark about how great it is at Georgia Tech.”

The competition between the two squads, in the spring game, caught Zamari’s eye. He also appreciated how well coached they were.  “I think that is another reason I love Georgia Tech so much.” Zamari talked to Coach Paul Johnson and Coach Joe Speed. “I got a good feeling from talking with Coach Johnson. Coach Speed introduced us to his wife and that made it a kind of personal touch that I haven’t seen elsewhere.”

How does Zamari feel about Tech? “I won’t lie to you. Georgia Tech is my top school. They’re number one for me.” Tech plans to take three or four defensive backs in the 2018 class. They like Zamari’s size and film. The feeling seems to be mutual. “Everything Georgia Tech has to offer is what I want.”

Central Florida also received a visit from Walton this past weekend. Even tough Tech is his favorite, Zamari went to Central with an open mind. “I had a good time there. Still, it’s hard to beat the time I had at Georgia Tech.” Zamari talked to a few of the coaches and got to see some of the school including the football facilities.  

The schools that have already offered Zamari are the ones he feels really want him. “I know a lot of schools have said they would be coming by my spring practice and then offers could be coming but until they do, the schools that have offered me are the ones that I am looking at the hardest.”

Zamari plans to take Coach Johnson’s advice in making his decision. “I’m making sure that Georgia Tech is the right choice because once I commit, that is it.  I will not be looking at any other schools.” Zamari plans to make his decision as early as this summer and no later than the second game of his senior season.

An earlier decision date could also be a possibility for Walton. “If Georgia Tech and Coach Speed tell me that they might be close to filling the position I play, then that would be the only way I would decide earlier.  I like Tech a lot and I don’t want to miss a chance to go there because I waited too long and they didn’t have an open spot for me in the 2018 class.”

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