Austin Smith (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Austin Smith cutting list soon

Ola High School, Georgia 2018 defensive tackle Austin Smith has received close to 20 offers and is getting close to cutting down that list. Austin visited one of those schools Friday and he received a return visit from them on Monday.

Smith was in Atlanta Friday to watch the Georgia Tech spring game. “I had a great time there and really enjoyed how each side battled. It was a fun experience.”

The fact that Tech is close to home and Austin has a strong relationship with the coaching staff has Tech in a good position. “They are great coaches and they always let you know where you stand with
them. Georgia Tech has a first class coaching staff."

Monday Tech Coach Joe Speed was at Ola to evaluate Smith. The message from Coach Speed to Smith’s coach was that Smith would be a great fit at Tech and how valuable a Tech degree can be. “I take that seriously."

Knowing that he’ll be able to go to college without having to worry about paying off loans is a relief to Adam. “When those first couple of offers came in I realized that my worry would go away as long as I kept on doing my job both on and off the field.” Adam is excited knowing that he’ll soon be choosing a school and he won’t have to worry about paying for it. “My work on the football field has given me the one thing I wanted the most. I now have chance to go to college and get a degree."

The offer list for Austin has now grown to 19. Georgia Tech and Kentucky are the two schools that Austin feels are recruiting him the hardest. That made watching the recent bowl game between the two schools interesting. “I loved how Georgia Tech had as many victories against SEC East teams as some of the teams in the SEC East did themselves.” Austin took notice of the way Tech finished their season.

Ola starts their spring practice in a few weeks and Austin feels he’ll have received all of his offers by the end of practice. “I’ll then look to start trimming down my list of schools.” Austin will then take a few visits before making his college choice. “I know I will get back to Georgia Tech a few times and then I will go to North Carolina for a visit and then visit the cluster of schools in that area. By then I will have an idea of where I want to go." Top Stories