Fulwider aiming for in-season decision

Sandy Creek High School, GA has sent Georgia Tech Calvin Johnson, Andrew Gardner, Isaiah Johnson, and Corey Griffin. Tech now has their sights set on Sandy Creek defensive end Nick Fulwider.


Last Friday night Nick and his family were in Atlanta for the Tech spring game. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time there as I always do. In fact, my whole family had a great time.” Nick talked to the Tech coaches before and after the game and paid special attention to the defensive line during the game. “They talked to me about how they coach and they also talked to me about everyday life at Georgia Tech. Going to college is more than just football.”

Tech is one of the schools that Fulwider is seriously considering as he moves closer to making his decision. “I love Georgia Tech a lot and each visit I make is a great time and a great visit.” Tech is only a 45 minute drive from Nick’s home so he plans to make additional visits to Tech. “The more I visit, the better they like it.”

Next up for Nick will be studying for taking the ACT again to improve his score. ““My mom wants me to score as high as I can before I head off to college. She really has my academics in mind” After taking the ACT in June, Nick will be going to Vanderbilt for their camp. “I’m not sure if I will participate or not.” Nick plans to also visit Arkansas, Louisville, and Georgia Tech.

Fulwider has five schools that he feels are recruiting him the hardest. The five are Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Virginia, and Louisville. Nick plans to make his college choice sometime during his senior season. “When exactly I’m not sure, but it will be in-season for sure.”

As he moves closer to that decision, Nick has been hearing from some of the players from Tech’s 2017 class. He has noticed how close that class has become. “That closeness really got a lot of them to commit to Georgia Tech and now they are working on me. I really like talking with them.”

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