Kearis Jackson (Photo by Chad Simmons)

K Jackson to decide after senior season

Peach County, GA 2018 athlete Kearis Jackson continues to add schools to his offer list. Jackson excels not only on the field but in the classroom. Kearis stepped away briefly from his chemistry homework to update us on his recruitment.

Kearis recently attended spring games at both Georgia Tech and Georgia. “I had a really good time at both games. They showed me a lot about each team.” Despite the Tech game being dominated by the run, Kearis liked the big play capability of their passing game. “That is appealing to me as a receiver.” Kearis was also impressed with the night game atmosphere at Tech. To Kearis, both schools had their positives.

It was reported earlier this week that Jackson had been offered by Tech. Kearis updated us on the offer. “Actually I had that offer for a while now but I didn’t know it. The coaches let me know that and it does make a difference that I had the offer. It shows me that they weren’t late in offering me. It puts a different light on the school.”

Look for Tech to be one of the schools that Jackson will continue to consider until he makes his college choice. “They play high caliber football and they have the best academics around.” Besides playing receiver, Kearis may also like playing on the defensive side of the ball. The recent ESPN article on Tech putting wide receivers in the NFL has, however, grabbed his attention. “This shows that the coaching staff is doing what it takes to put players in the NFL.”

At this point in his recruitment, Kearis has six schools that he feels are recruiting him the hardest. Those schools are Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State and Tennessee. “That doesn’t mean other schools can’t or won’t step up their recruitment.”

Don’t look for Jackson to make an early decision on his college choice. He plans to make his decision after his senior season. “I don’t see that decision changing either.” Kearis will look to his family for help in making that decision. “They are the ones that have my best interests in mind. I value their opinions and input very much.” Top Stories