Hall got all pumped up on visit

Atlanta Maynard Jackson athlete Hassan Hall has schools looking at him to play on both sides of the ball. Wednesday Hall made a return visit to one of the schools that has offered Hall.  


Wednesday afternoon Hall made the return visit to Georgia Tech. His mom accompanied him on this visit. “I got a chance to talk with the coaches and we discussed where I could play.” The Tech coaches asked Hasson if he preferred playing A Back or defensive back. “I told them I would play anywhere on the field, even middle linebacker, if it got me on the field quicker.” Hall and the coaches also talked about his ability to return kicks and punts.


At one time, Hassan was leaning towards playing offense but he has a preference for the defensive side of the ball. “I like playing in the box. I feel the NFL would be in my picture in a better way if I played on defense.” The Tech coaches will let Hassan decide where he wants to play with the goal being which position will get him on the field the quickest.  


Hassan started off his visit by meeting with Coach “Buzz” Preston. He also got a closer look at the strength and conditioning program and met with Coach John Sisk. “He got me pumped up to the point I almost committed.” Hall’s mom loved the visit and she also wanted him to commit.


Syracuse was the first big offer for Hall. At that time, he didn’t have many schools to compare with them. When Hall started to receive other offers, his focus changed. “I decided today to see if any other big offers come in so I can compare my big three of Georgia Tech, Louisville, and Syracuse to any new offers.” Hassan will be fine if those offers don’t come. “I’ll have three great schools and some others to pick from.”


Hall hopes to be able to make his decision before the start of his senior season. He plans to take some additional visits this summer as he moves toward that decision. “I’m going to go back to Georgia Tech real soon as I loved my trip today.” Hassan also plans to visit Louisville, Appalachian State and Western Kentucky. Hall will also be visiting Syracuse on June 18. “I’d like to take my five official visits but that may not happen.”


The school that recruits Hassan the hardest will be the main deciding factor in his decision. “I want the school that shows a genuine interest in me.” Hall will also be looking at the depth chart at the position that he chooses to play at the next level.  

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