Jason Earwood is a player that recruiters are starting to really take a serious look at. Earwood is a 6-0, 208 lb., 4.55 forty Linebacker and part time Quarterback for Starr's Mill high school. Last year Starr's Mill was loaded with talent with players like Reuben Houston (Georgia Tech ) and Jason Laney ( Georgia ). The Panthers went 13 – 1 and made it to the semi-finals in only the schools third year of varsity football. However, with all the talent in the senior class last year, Earwood....



led the team in tackles.

  This year Jason has picked up where he left off last year. He again is leading his team in tackles and interceptions and receiving yards. Da sat down with the young man for a Question and Answer session and like what we heard.


Question: What was your summer like?

Earwood: " My summer was great. I went to a lot of camps and got a chance to meet some really cool coaches."

Question: Where did you go to camp at?

Earwood: " I camped at Auburn, North Carolina, and Florida State."

Question: How many offers do you have at this time?

Earwood: " Well, right now Marshall, Middle Tennessee State, Indiana University, and Georgia Southern are my only offers. But I expect more to come based on the way my phone is ringing every night."

Question: So who else is recruiting you hard?

Earwood: " Auburn, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Maryland, Duke, Virginia, North Carolina and a lot of other schools."

Question: Who are your top five choices?

Earwood: " Probably Georgia Tech, Auburn, Georgia, Florida State, and Virginia."

Question: How have things been going so far this year?

Earwood: " Everything is looking good. Right now we are 2-1 and ranked in the top ten in the state in 5 A. I have three interceptions and 7 sacks already and the season is young. Our team is young to, so it's important that I step up and show leadership on and off the field."

Question: How are things on the Academic front?

Earwood: " Great, I have a 3.5 GPA and I scored a disappointing 870 on the SAT. So I'm retaking it because I know I can do much better."

Question: Do you know what you want to major in? Once you attend college.

Earwood: " I'm exploring all that right now, maybe some type of business or architecture."

Question: Why is Georgia Tech your number one choice?

Earwood: " I grew up going to Georgia Tech games and shaking that blue and gold shaker. I love the staff and the commitment to academics." Top Stories