Chambers comments on Commitment

<b>Travis Chambers</b> Talks about why he chose Georgia Tech.

Travis Chambers is a hardnosed, old-school middle linebacker prospect that has committed to Georgia Tech. What made him pull the trigger?

"The reason why I decided was stay in state and maybe have a chance to play next year. Plus Georgia Tech offers a good education, and I get to stay close to my family."

Who was recruiting you for Georgia Tech?

"Coach Robinson recruited me for Tech. He made the comment that I could come in and make an immediate impact. I already felt like that, but it was good to hear. Georgia Tech has a very young team, and they have Reggie Ball. He's going to keep developing as a player, and this young team could be real good in the future.

"I don't see why Georgia can pull in all the recruits from the state of Georgia and Georgia Tech can't. So I didn't want to go out of state and make someone else's team better. I decided to stay with the home team."

When asked if he was going to be recruiting other players for Georgia Tech, Chambers hesitated a bit.

"I am going to take my official visits and everything. I told Coach Gailey that already. I still want to go through the process. I think I've earned the right to take some official trips, but if signing day was tomorrow it would sign with Georgia Tech." Top Stories