The Jackets are 4-1. They have seven regular season games left. Six are against opponents who are better than most of the so-called experts predicted over the summer. The only exception is FSU and they're not too shabby. Five of these tougher-than-projected teams have new coaches and they're all keepers. But the best-coached team of all is, of course, Maryland. Suddenly, Ralph shows up and these Terrapins can play...

Let's be grateful it's a short week. The less time Ralph Friedgen has to prepare for you the better. The week will be short, yet still very emotional. Tech players will be out to prove to Coach Friedgen that he coached them well. The Terrapins want to make their new coach look good and, let's face it, they want to beat Tech bad. It's been a while.And it will be a less-than-ideal situation for almost all coaches involved, becuase most are good friends. But the match-ups indicate the potential for a great game.

Here are the way things will match up:

The Coaching Staffs:

The first thing Ralph Friedgen did when he finally got a head coaching job was hire a superior staff of assistants. Charlie Taafe, one-time coach of The Citadel, was hired as offensive coordinator. No, Ralph does not serve as his own offensive coordinator, but I'll bet he has a good idea or two to contribute. Taafe was most recently head coach of the CFL Montreal Alouettes for two seasons. He was named CFL Coach of the Year both seasons. Gary Blackney, Ralph's defensive coordinator was also a head coach, at Bowling Green for the past 11 years. He coached the Falcons to their only two bowl victories and had a 60-52 record. Other impressive assistants were added around these guys incluuuuding former Jacket defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo. Top Stories