Top 5 Most Likely Remaining GT Commits

We know what positions Georgia Tech is targeting by now, but which players might we end up with?

We know what positions Georgia Tech is targeting by now, but which players might we end up with? Things change so fast in recruiting and this list could be completely off in another day or so but that's not going to stop me from guessing anyway! Despite some hand wringing in the past about not recruiting the state of Georgia enough we already have 5 student-athletes committed from the home state. My list below would add another 4 players to this class from Georgia. This is not a wish list, but rather a picture of where I think we stand with these athletes at this time.

1. Raeshon Ball

Let's face it, Reggie's little isn't going anywhere but Georgia Tech. South Carolina appears to be the only other contender, but I'm personally not very concerned about them winning Raeshon away. I think the biggest question in the Ball family is where Marcus will end up in a couple of years. I would think that GT would be the likely favorite there too but it's just too far off to project. Raeshon would be a bit undersized for a corner compared the current players in our two-deep: Jonathan Cox, Dennis Davis, Reuben Houston, and Kenny Scott. Despite a smaller stature, I think Ball has the talent, & speed to compete for a spot on the two-deep and eventually make a run at being the starter. He also looks like a promising option for returning kicks.

2. A.J. Smith

I think we have a great shot at taking another player from Jesuit High School in Tampa. We have a good past with that program. Former GT stars George Godsey and Will Glover hail from the same school as AJ. In addition to the fact that we are fishing in a familiar pond, we are the first major football program to offer AJ. He has also already built up a great rapport with Defensive Line Coach Glenn Spencer. Coach Chan Gailey has already stated that he would like to sign at least 1 player in each class for every defensive position. We currently do not have any Defensive Ends committed and Smith would seem like the perfect fit. He currently likes Boston College, Connecticut, South Florida, Southern Mississippi, and Central Florida in addition to GT. I would be more worried about other major programs in the Southeast getting involved before worrying about the previously mentioned schools. I see Smith committing on or before his December 12th official visit to Tech.

3. Calvin Johnson

Calvin is the big fish in this class. He is the number one player on the recruiting board for not only Georgia Tech but likely UGA as well. As other schools try harder and harder to get involved with Johnson, it becomes clearer that he has no intentions of leaving the state. An impressive showing against UGA at home on November 29th could lock him up for us. He wants to be a winner on the football field and is also very serious about school. Georgia Tech is the place he wants to be for school and the improved play of the football team can't hurt either. Another big factor would have to be that we will no longer have a proven playmaker at Receiver once Jonathan Smith graduates. Calvin would have the opportunity to come in and be an impact player immediately. He would likely be the most hyped and anticipated receiver to come to GT since Derrick Stegall.

4. Chris Davis

Chris Davis is another local product that has some high interest in Georgia Tech. We are looking for another Safety or two and Davis appears to be the most likely match out there. Duke and Northwestern offer the most competition for Davis right now but with us offering, I would have to think that we're the ones to beat. Despite a lack of heavy interest from the big football powers, Chris appears to be a super athlete. He can play in the defensive backfield or at WR and I think our coaches like that type of versatility in the athletes we sign. Chris has good height for a corner but I anticipate him growing into a Safety. Either way, he's a good athlete and I feel good that our coaches will find the best place on the field for him to succeed.

5. Greg Sudderth

I consider Greg Sudderth one of the best athletes in Georgia. Many consider him to be a top flight Safety but we want to bring him in as a Wide Receiver. He has excellent speed and good height to be successful on offense. He would be a huge boost to our recruiting class, so it's a good thing that we got in on him early. GT was the first program to offer Greg and we continue to be one of his favorites. Despite being told that he will likely sign with GT, I'll get an uneasy feeling with him until he actually commits. That's the only reason he's down to #5 on my current list. I'm still very hopeful but we have some stiff competition for his services coming from Maryland and Navy. Hopefully we can keep him close to home, because he's a super athlete and we're in the market for taller receivers and playmakers. To package him up with Calvin Johnson at receiver would be an ideal scenario for GT.

Other Top Possibilities:

There are three others near the top of my watch list: Phillip Hyde, Will Judson and Justin Treece. Hyde & Judson are teammates of Calvin Johnson at Sandy Creek High in nearby Tyrone, GA. We are looking for another speed back and Hyde just might be the answer. If Calvin Johnson ends up at GT, then I think Phillip's chances of getting an offer and accepting go up. Judson already has an offer but it's contingent on him improving on his SAT scores. If he gets the grades, I think he's a Jacket too. Finally, Justin Treece has had an amazing season this year and has helped his chances at getting an offer. If he gets the GT offer, I think he comes to Atlanta too. Top Stories