Something funny's going to have to happen if the Jackets are going to fight back and win the ACC. They need help, of course. But this is a funny year and nothing would be funnier than Duke knocking off the Terps in College Park on Saturday. It will not happen unless the Terps are still partying over the Tech game. It's my guess here that Ralph hasn't let that happen.

Duke at Maryland, Saturday, 1 Pm, Fox Sports Net

Here's hoping the Terps have one of the all-time let-down performances. Maybe they'll look ahead to FSU and commit a few turnovers of their own this week. I know--it's not likely. But we know from the second quarter of the Tech-Duke game that the Blue Devils can throw some athletes out on the field. I predict a surprisingly close first half -- then the Terps win going away.

North Carolina at Clemson, Saturday, noon, ESPN2

Woody Dantzler will finally face a defense athletic enough to tackle him in the open field, if no one gets injured. Lost amid two impressive wins has been the fact that the Clemson defense just hasn't played well yet. I'm going with the Tar Heels and a road upset. They beat the Pack in Raleigh. They'll stun the Tigers in Death Valley.

Florida State vs. Virginia, Saturday, 7:45 PM, ESPN

This in my mind is one of the most intriguing games in the country on Saturday. Why? Because we get to find out if FSU is going to have a year like Alabama did last year. I don't think that's possible. But Al Groh and his staff are very good and they just might have Chris Rix so confused he thinks he's in the Twilight Zone. I'm smelling upset. But I just can't bring myself to say it. It's about time for Bobby Bowden to pull something out of his hat. Adrian Peterson, perhaps? Maybe the ol' coach will finally order Mickey Andrews to start playing his elite true freshman cover corner Domonic Robinson. FSU wins, I think.

Other games:

Wake Forest is off, Georgia over Kentucky at home, Wisconsin over Illinois, Northwestern over Joe Pa, Texas edges Colorado, Kansas State over Texas A & M, Nebraska over Texas Tech, Oklahoma over Baylor, Southern Cal over Notre Dame, UCLA over Cal, Oregon edges Stanford, Washington over Arizona, Tennessee over Alabama, LSU over Ole Miss, and South Carolina over Vandy. Top Stories