5 star WR discusses Georgia Tech Visit

5-star WR Calvin Johnson is probably the most talked about prospect in the state of Georgia right now. He took a visit with his mom to check out co-leader Georgia Tech. What did he have to say?

"I liked it. Out of 10, it was probably a 9. I don't think much could have been better about it," Calvin Johnson said.

What was his favorite part?

"Just hanging out with the guys, and meeting the players."

Who hosted the blue chipper?

"Reggie Ball took me around. He is really easy to get along with, and talk with. He just told me that it's the best place for my education, and that I could get a job with anyone after school was over."

What all did he do on his visit?

"We stayed in the dorm room. We went out. Just had fun, and played games and stuff."

Did he talk with Coach Gailey?

"I did get to speak with him. He talked about school, and just asked me how my visit went."

Calvin is scheduled to check his other leader, the Georgia Bulldogs, on January 9th. Can the Jacket and Dawg fans expect a decision after that is over?

"Yeah. I'll probably decide sometime after that visit."

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