Huge DE back from Visit to Georgia Tech

<b>A.J. Smith</b> is a big 6 foot 7 inch Defensive end with a huge frame for future growth. This weekend, he took a visit to the Flats to check out Georgia Tech. He had a great time, but did he commit?

"Yeah I committed to Georgia Tech this weekend. I chose them because it just felt right to me. They have great facilities both academically, and athletically. All of the players got along great, and I just fell in love with it," A.J. Smith said.

Who was his host?

"Defensive Tackle Travis Parker was the guy I was assigned too. He was a great guy, and was really fun to be around. He and Michael Cox host were great friends, so we mostly went out with them a lot."

What was his favorite part?

"On Saturday morning they took us to the stadium. They had a jersey with my name on it and I got to put it on. They announced my name over the loudspeaker and I got to run out behind the Ramblin Wreck Car. It just made me imagine myself there in front of 60,000 people."

What did he think about the atmosphere at Georgia Tech?

"I'm from a big city (Tampa, FL). I like the whole feel of a big town, and Atlanta has anything you could ever want to do."

Tampa Jesuit has sent many players to the Flats in it's history such as Goose Godsey, and Will Glover. What does Smith think about this relationship?

"Jesuit and Georgia Tech really stand for the same things. Poise, character, and class. It's a perfect fit."

Smith went on to add that he has a visit scheduled to South Florida on January 16th, but he is not sure if the Bull's coaches will still want him to come now that he's committed to the Yellow Jackets. Top Stories